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Tuscany in Spring
Tuscany in Spring
Tuscany in Spring
Tuscany in Spring
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Spring in Tuscany

Tuscany is simply glorious in Spring. The crisp mornings of early March give way to warmer currents of air and shafts of sunlight, unfurling leaves and blossoms and the uplifting chirrups of birdsong.

After the unforgiving rains of Winter, the sweet, undulating hills of the Chianti Classico are at their greenest, and the light at its most enchanting.

There is energy everywhere as the wineries, restaurants, shops and indeed entire towns come out of hibernation.

The delicate, new flavours of Spring are celebrated everywhere.

This is the time to savour the sublime combination of young pecorino cheese and fava beans drizzled with olive oil pressed just a few months earlier. Local cuisine is as colourful as the season itself, as wild asparagus, artichokes and many other fresh ingredients find their way to the table.

It is the perfect moment to indulge in Tuscany's healthy and rich gastronomy - or even learn more about it by taking part in a cooking program! Book one of our packages this March, and have it all covered for 3 days - breakfast, dinners, and a cooking class!