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Food & Wine

The Cellar

Villa Bordoni was once a fortified tower with a dungeon underneath it, dating back to the 11th century. But its evolution past the Middle Ages and the many wars that scarred the region meant that it became a major farm, known as Mezzuola, and it began to produce a renowned wine.

Thus the dungeon became a perfectly - and naturally - climatized wine cellar, offering a stable temperature range of 16-18°C throughout the entire year.

Today we no longer produce wine. But our wine cellar, still located in what is now the oldest - and original - part of the building, is home to more than 200 wine labels from some of Italy's best producers.

With an obvious preference for Tuscan reds, and a close alliance with the Society of Vintners of Panzano and some excellent, boutique local producers, we are able to offer the best wines made in Chianti Classico and Tuscany. Our small collection nevertheless spans beyond regional and national borders, and boasts a few rare vintages -  and a good selection of champagnes.