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Tuscany in Summer
Tuscany in Summer
Tuscany in Summer

Summer in Tuscany

Make no mistake - Summer in Tuscany is hot! But daytime gives way to balmy evenings, soporific afternoons by the pool culminate in lazy, sumptuous dinners in the garden.

The heady scents of pine needles and baking loam soil set to a hypnotic soundtrack of humming cicadas. This is the time of year to get out early and explore, take in a local winery, or visit one of the beautiful walled towns in the vicinity.

Alternatively, do absolutely nothing but drag yourself from bed via the breakfast buffet to the pool, and baste yourself slowly whilst admiring one of the prettiest views in the region from a recumbent position.

Make time to eat though, as this is tomato time! The perfect moment to eat this succulent fruit in every possible way... Caprese salad with molten buffalo milk mozzarella, bruschetta, chilled soups, pappa al pomodoro - all washed down with a crisp, aromatic white wine - or why not, a local rosato.

Then as the heat recedes in early September and the cooler evenings descend, the region starts preparing for the wine harvest. By late  September the winding roads are postcard scenes with tractors brimming over with grapes. The vineyards are buzzing and wine festivals thronging with enthusiastic imbibers. This is an emotional and evocative time, and it is exciting to be around, even for those who, if truth be told, actually prefer a chilled beer!