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Our team

Renovating and furnishing a fifteenth century villa and gardens was little when compared to the monumental task of finding - and keeping - the amazing group of people that nurture the villa and all of our guests with a level of care and dedication that often goes way beyond the call of duty.

Some have been with us since the day we opened and come both from far afield and from the area - no one more so than Luisa, our Housekeeper, who was actually born in the farmhouse next door and played in the grounds as a child!

Although every member of our team arrived with a basic role or a very specific area of expertise, these positions have evolved along with the Villa. It is frequent to be checked in by the same person that serves you your dinner, or to see the herbs garden being tended to by the person who just made you your lunch.

There is a wonderful sense of team spirit and a generosity and warmth which is inevitably reflected in the everyday running of the Villa. We are confident that you, as our guests, will be looked after with the same enthusiasm with which we run our small hotel.