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The Wine Bar

A little extension of ourselves and our philosophy lies right in the center of the picturesque town of Panzano - Il Cardo Wine Bar!

It has always been our dream to be able to serve the very best of the Conca d'Oro wines in a dedicated wine bar. In September of 2015, this became a reality! We opened our wine bar in Panzano, just as the town celebrated its wine festival.

We now offer all of the wines made by the Union of Vintners of Panzano (Unione viticoltori di Panzano) - 20 of the best wine makers in Chianti Classico - and many of their wines are also available just to taste, through the use of Enomatic machines.

Since we are big believers in Italian gastronomic supremacy, we could not help but create a menu of simple Italian delicacies that we serve fom morning to late evening, to accompany the beautiful wines that you are able to taste or drink on site! These are complemented by a large selcetion of teas and coffees (served in a French press), and pastries to appease those with a sweeter tooth.

All of the wines proposed at Enoteca Il Cardo are available for sale, and can be shipped worldwide.

Enoteca Il Cardo - Piazza Gastone Bucciarelli 50, Panzano

Tel +39 055852907